Who's telling your story?
Take control of your online reputation.

Hi. We're 460. We make fantastic websites for doctors. We love to tell your stories and grow your reputation online through engaging content and beautiful designs.

We also handle every step of building your new practice website so you can spend your time focused on taking care of your patients - not your website.

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Our Philosophy

At 460 we believe that when you hire an agency to build you a website, that agency should do everything required to build your website for you.

  • Leading Design & Development
  • Taking Real Photos of Your Staff and Practice
  • Writing Authentic, Engaging Content
  • Managing Domains, Hosting, & Security
  • Doing All Your Updates & Maintenance
  • Providing HIPAA Compliant Forms & Email

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That stuff listed above? That's not your job. Don't settle for a website agency that only provides tools or expertise but leaves the bulk of the work in your lap. That's just wrong.

Making you do everything is not how we do things 'round here. We're different. We do all the work so you don't have to.

Pass the baton, we're ready to roll.

"Joel and Bethanie are rockstars. They took our outdated website and the specifics I wanted to re-make our website to look awesome. I had some very specific desires/wants for the website and they took off with it. I highly recommend them wholeheartedly without reservation and you won't be disappointed!"

Dr. Kevin L. Gee, OD, FAAO
Houston, Texas

"Bethanie and Joel are amazing! They make the entire process of building a website seem effortless. They listened to what I wanted and then delivered a website beyond my expectations! I enjoyed every second working with them!"

Dr. Lindsay Alexander, OD
Terrell, Texas
Pass the Baton

We're geeks through and through.

We love making websites. Honestly, we're kinda control freaks about it. We want to do all the work for you. Aside from being our job, we just love to take pride in our work. That's a big deal for us. We're in the prime of our careers and want to really strut our stuff.

Joel the Developer, and Bethanie the Designer

We've built hundreds of websites for hundreds of doctors. Here's what we learned about you:

You love taking care of patients and you have countless stories to tell about the lives you've improved. You're also very busy. You went to school to become a healthcare professional, not a marketing & website expert. That's what we went to school to do!

So let's both stick to what we do best.

We're not doctors, you're not developers. Good thing we have each other.

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Oh yeah, one more thing…

Since we're taking care of everything, we can move PDQ (that's pretty darn quick). Get started today and you'll have an amazing new website in just a few short weeks. Let's talk.

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